Chef Veronese is now operating La Forchetta Catering Company full time in San Francisco Bay Area. Catering events in the Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Wine Country and the San Francisco Bay Area. Catering fine food for a wide variety of occassions.

Chef Adolfo V. Veronese brings the rich culinary heritage of traditional and contemporary Italian and American cuisine to his highly-accomplished San Francisco and Las Vegas catering and consulting company, La Forchetta Catering. Chef Veronese, who is of Sicilian and Padovan descent, grew up in San Francisco, and spent the majority of his summers in Italy. He is the son of a San Francisco master chef and restaurateur Adolfo Veronese and Angela Alioto, a lawyer and former President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. He is the grandson of former San Francisco Mayor Joseph L. Alioto. His claim to fame, however, lies in his talents as a chef who understands both the traditional elements of Italian cuisine and the health-conscious appetite.

Chef Veronese is a disciple and namesake of his father, in whose San Francisco restaurant, Ostria Romana, the young Adolfo first learned the art of Italian cooking. Chef Veronese is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in New York. He went on to earn acclaim at the famous San Domenico Restaurant in New York City, and continued his success at Santa Monica’s famous Sicilian restaurant, Drago.

In 1995, Chef Veronese became the youngest chef to hold a three and a half star rating in northern California while at Evvia Restaurant in Palo Alto, California. At Evvia’s, he designed the layout of the restaurant; from the kitchen to the dinning room, and the food and wine menu’s. He showcased his menu creation, which featured combinations of classic Greek, Italian, and light California fare.

In 1997 Adolfo had the opportunity to open his own restaurant called Adolfo’s Restaurant e Bar.

In 1999, when fine dining became popular in Las Vegas, Adolfo moved to work at Pierro Selvaggio’s Valentino, Las Vegas. During which time, Adolfo appeared as a guest chef and instructor on a Crystal Cruise line. In 2001 Adolfo was offered a position working for Wolfgang Puck at Postrio. After three and half years of working at Postrio, he was promoted to the Director of Purchasing for all restaurants in the western region of the United States. He worked for Wolfgang Puck from 2001-2006.

In September of 2006, Adolfo resigned from the Wolfgang Puck Group and started his own catering and kitchen consulting business, La Forchetta Catering. While running his catering business, Chef Veronese was offered the job of Purchaser for Lavo Restaurant and Night Club. He started up the purchasing department, set up the purchasing program and receiving program, and the day-to-day costs analyses of all items that came through the door.

In August of 2007, Adolfo Antonio Veronese “Nino” was born. In 2009 Chef Veronese decided to raise his family in San Francisco, his birthplace. He and his family moved to Italy, Fregene (Roma) and Trevi (Umbria) for five months to study Italian modern cuisine, and returned home to San Francisco in September 2009.